Smith Chason School of Nursing is built on the foundation of drive and compassion. Together we are a team of nurses that have experienced the highs and lows of the nursing field because we have been there. We recognize what it takes to help you thrive in this career and profession and are committed to your success. Our team of faculty, staff, and leadership at Smith Chason School of Nursing provide a culture of care that mirrors how you treat your patients, with respect and genuine support. Just as you empower your patients, we are here to help you take charge of your education and your nursing career.

Our goal is to be a true partner in your success, from enrollment to graduation and beyond as you become a respected, knowledgeable leader in the field of healthcare. Through a complete all-inclusive partnership with ATI, a nationally recognized product that has been proven to increase NCLEX pass rates, fully developed skills and simulation labs with the latest High Fidelity Simulation mannequins and variety of equipment that nurses use daily to increase our student’s confidence for their in-person clinical rotations, alongside supportive faculty and staff, we are here to empower you on your journey. At Smith Chason School of Nursing, we provide you an educational experience crafted by nurses for nurses.

Our Founders, Myra Chason and the late Dr. Neville Smith

Our Founders

Over 20 years ago our founders, Dr. Neville Smith and Myra Chason, BS, BSN, RDMS had a dream of providing the best healthcare education to aspiring healthcare workers. Myra, a nurse for over 30 years, and Dr. Neville Smith, a board-certified radiologist who worked alongside dedicated nurses throughout his career, knew this dream would not be complete without the creation of a nursing school.

Dr. Neville Smith and Myra Chason foresaw the importance of the nursing profession and understood the educational and mindful support nurses need to succeed. Our name, Smith Chason School of Nursing, and the continuous expansion of our nursing programs allow us to honor our founder’s legacy and match the drive and ambitions of our nursing students and alumni looking to advance their nursing education. We look forward to continuing to adapt and expand our nursing programs so you can be confident in your profession.

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To provide high-quality nursing education for students of all backgrounds, provide genuine support in and outside of the classroom throughout their journey, and fill the growing job market with confident, knowledgeable nursing professionals.


Smith Chason School of Nursing’s mission is to provide our students with a solid foundation in nursing. We are dedicated to giving our students a well‐balanced curriculum, which includes classroom instruction, laboratory training, and supervised clinical experience. Students are taught in a supportive educational environment by a highly qualified staff of professionals. We aim to produce confident graduates with the knowledge and confidence necessary to succeed both professionally and financially. Our goal is to make Smith Chason School of Nursing the preferred source of nursing education in the community.


Smith Chason School of Nursing is a division of Triad Education. Triad Education and its Colleges are nationally accredited by ACCSC, the Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges. We have campus locations in Los Angeles, CA, Ontario, CA, and Phoenix, AZ.

Triad Education is founded and operated by medical professionals and leaders dedicated to providing quality education to the next generation of healthcare heroes. Our leaders and educators at Triad know the importance of a confident, knowledgeable, nurse and medical professional because they have experienced this profession first-hand. The expansion of our name to Triad Education allows our colleges to continue to evolve and provide our students, alumni, and community the educational experience they expect from us after over 20 years of educating and need to improve the future of healthcare and succeed in their careers.

Our Faculty

Julie Jordan, MSN/Ed, PHN, RN

Academic Dean of Nursing

Lee Dua, RN, BSN, JD

Director of Vocational Nursing - Ontario Campus

Lee Dua started his nursing career soon after graduation in January 2005 as an ICU nurse. Mr. Lee continued his nursing career as an ICU nurse for five years and joined Smith Chason in 2009 as a theory instructor and a student success coordinator. He is also an avid runner and has completed 18 half-marathons!

“I have seen how important excellent nursing care contributes to patients and their recoveries. This motivated me to become a teacher to future nurses. I believe that with persistent hard work; anything is possible. That is what the Smith Chason nursing programs are all about. Smith Chason's Nursing programs helps build future nurses with excellent nursing care.”