Importance of Vocational Nursing 

What Does an LVN Do? 

Licensed Vocational Nurses (LVNs) provide care to disabled, sick, and/or injured patients in a variety of settings including in hospitals or residential/home care facilities. LVNs are an important part of the nursing profession. The job duties of a Licensed Vocational Nurse include patient observation, documentation of any changes in a patient’s condition, and performance of basic assessments. LVNs also take vitals, perform medical treatments, and administer prescribed medications.  

LVNs typically offer primary bedside care to patients under the direct supervision of a registered nurse (RN), a medical doctor, or a mid-level practitioner. Although LVNs do work under the supervision of a physician or RN, they are responsible for performing most duties on their own unless help is needed. 

Our Communities Need LVNs 

The need for Vocational Nurses in California is growing at a rapid rate. The State of California Employment Development Department is estimating LVN jobs in the state will increase 15.1% from 2018-2028*. And according to the U.S Bureau of Labor, employment of LVNs is projected to grow by 9% within the next decade. This need is only exemplified by the ongoing pandemic. 

In addition, as the baby-boom generation ages, the average need for healthcare services will increase as well. LVNs will be needed in residential care facilities to care for elderly patients. This is a direct response to the long-term care needs of the rapidly growing elderly population and the general growth of healthcare. 


How Do I Become an LVN? 

You can become a Licensed Vocational Nurse by attending a Vocational Nursing program where you will gain knowledge and skills to become a professional nurse. For example, in the Smith Chason Vocational Nursing program, you will take lecture courses, learn and practice skills in an advanced nursing skills and simulation lab, and gain experience working in the field during clinical rotations. After completing the program, you will need to pass the NCLEX-PN licensure exam which is required to work in the field as an LVN. 

To learn more about what it takes to become a licensed vocational nurse, connect with our Smith Chason admissions team. They will guide you through the enrollment process and help you understand if this is the right program to help you enter the nursing profession.