Nurses Ranked Number 1 for Honesty and Ethics

In a recent Gallup poll, nurses ranked #1 for honesty and ethics 17 YEARS IN A ROW! 84% of Americans surveyed rated the honesty and ethics of nurses as very high or high among a diverse list of professions.

“Nurses are the rare professionals who invest their mind, body and spirit into caring and advocating for others every day of their career. Congratulations to my peers, colleagues and every nurse in the industry.” said Holly Carlson, MS, RN, CCRN, SME writer, clinical nursing, at Relias.

About the Gallup Survey

Since 1976, Gallup has been conducting surveys to measure the public’s views on a wide variety of professions’ level of honesty and ethical standards. Throughout the years, nurses have remained at the top of the list, maintaining the public’s trust. With the exception of 2001, where firefighters ranked highest after 9/11, nursing continues to outpace other professions since it was added to the list in 1999.

Nurses in the News

The results of the Gallup survey come as no surprise. Nurses are constantly in headlines for their compassion and heroics. A quick google search and you’ll find headlines like:

  • “Huntsville Nurse Surprised With Army Honor”  – Olivia Parsons, worked with the Red Cross to get a soldier home from overseas to see his dying mother.
  • “Nurse Helps Prevent House Fire During New Year’s Eve Celebrations”  – A nurse, who doesn’t want any credit, may have prevented a house fire.
  • “Heart Hero: Cato Nurse Receives Red Cross Award For Saving Man’s Life” –  Freeborn saved a man who went into cardiac arrest along with three other nurses who happened to be nearby. For their effort the were honored at the 20th annual Real Heroes Breakfast by the American Red Cross of Central New York in December.
  • “Shore Medical Center Names Marmora Nurse Guardian Angel of Month” – Shore Medical Center recognized float team nurse Courtney Gambino-Quinn, RN, as its December 2018 Guardian Angel of the Month for providing passionate and exceptional care to Shore’s patients.

And the list goes on! Compassion and respect has always been at the core of nursing.

“In general, nurses enter the profession because they want to help people,” said Maria Morales, MSN, RN, CPAN, director of clinical education and content at Relias. “Many had a personal or family experience that inspired them to enter healthcare to assist others through health situations. One typically does not enter the nursing field for fame or fortune, but rather as a way to serve others. It’s heartwarming to see how the public respects and honors the servant leadership of nurses.”

Congratulations Nurses!

Congratulations to all aspiring and established nurses in the field! We salute you and your continued ability to lead with honesty, care, and humanity!


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