Remembering Co-Founder, Dr. Neville Smith

Dr. Neville C. W. Smith was a Board Certified Radiologist, Co-Founder of Smith Chason School of Nursing, and Medical Director of Ultrasound Institute Medical Group (UIMG). His contributions and dedication to the healthcare field, have shaped and guided Smith Chason into the school and community we are today. Although we mourn the loss of such an influential figure 11 years ago today, we also remember the amazing work he put into his community, education, and our students, staff, and faculty.

Who Was Dr. Neville Smith

Dr. Neville Smith

(Pictured above, Dr. Neville Smith Smith Chason Co-Founder)

Dr. Neville Smith was dedicated to enhancing quality education in the art and science of medical sonography, MRI, and nursing. In 1998, Dr. Smith and fellow co-founder Myra Chason, BS, BSN, RDMS, a well-known diagnostic medical sonography instructor, began a medical imaging college in Beverly Hills, California. This college soon expanded to encompass Myra Chason and Dr. Neville Smith’s dream of providing quality and supportive nursing education. This led to the expansion of a truly outstanding nursing school, Smith Chason School of Nursing, that is still growing today!


With the support of a well-renowned staff and faculty from the community, Dr. Smith and Myra Chason initiated the new training style of “edutaining” that is still in place in our programs today!  This particular teaching style blended education & entertainment. This allows the learning process to be more entertaining, while students still learn the complex subject matter, skills, and protocols needed in the demanding medical field.

A Commitment to Community

Along with the development of new college experience, Dr. Neville Smith opened the Ultrasound Institute Medical Group (UIMG), a low-cost ultrasound health center, which caters to patients who do not have medical insurance. Today, the clinic continues to offer low-cost diagnostic imaging to patients in need.

In Memoriam

Dr. Neville Smith’s mission continues to live on in Smith Chason’s journey and development. Today, Smith Chason has three campuses located in Los Angeles, California, Ontario, California, and Phoenix, Arizona. We offer two diploma programs in Vocational and Practical Nursing., and a brand new Associate Degree in Nursing program at our Los Angeles campus. Our Smith Library at each location honors his commitment to continuous learning.

We honor his memory and his contributions to Smith Chason in maintaining quality education, curriculum innovation, and an effective course of clinical rotations. Smith Chason is in perpetual gratitude for having been a part of his vision which still is viable today.