Why LPNs Are So In-Demand in Arizona and Why You Should Make It Your New Career

Of all the industries that seem to be recession-proof, healthcare almost always is the first one people think of. After all, everyone needs medical care at some point. Nurses are often the ones who serve as the backbone of the facility within the healthcare field. They are required to interact with doctors, patients, and support staff in vital ways.

Licensed Practical Nurses (LPNs) are in-demand all over the U.S., including in Arizona. A quick search on sites like Indeed.com turn up thousands of job listings looking for qualified LPNs. With one of the fastest-growing state populations and a high percentage of those residents coming in over the age of 65, the need for skilled practical nurses in Arizona is likely to increase even more.

Now is a great time to consider training for a new career as a Licensed Practical Nurse and here’s 5 reasons why:

Steady Employment Growth

The latest data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics shows jobs for LPNs growing at 29% in Arizona through 2028, with over 390 openings projected each year. Overall there is a growing demand for healthcare services as the U.S. population ages and chronic conditions like diabetes become more common. There is also a need to replace nurses that are retiring. In 2017, a survey by the National Council of State Boards of Nursing found that the average age of LPNs in the U.S. was 52 years old and rising. As current generations of nurses leave the profession, more skilled licensed practical nurses will be needed to fill their roles and maintain quality patient care.

Strong Wage and Salary Prospects

Licensed Practical Nursing is a career that pays well and gives  a sense of fulfillment especially in Arizona. While the average annual wage for licensed practical nurses across the country is $48,820, the average salary in the state of Arizona is $56,400. Shorter career training and more affordable education is another benefit of starting a career as a LPN. LPN programs take significantly less time than attending a four-year undergraduate program. The programs are also more affordable.

Dynamic Work Environment

Licensed practical nurses are needed across the healthcare system, which means there are a lot of different opportunities for you to find a work environment that meets your needs. Whether you’re looking for a steady, 9-to-5 position or need more flexibility, including night or weekend shifts, there is likely an opening that fits. LPNs are employed by all types of medical facilities, including:

  • Nursing, residential, and long-term care facilities
  • State, local, and private hospital systems
  • Physicians’ offices
  • Home health and hospice care organizations
  • Government offices
  • Private corporations
  • And more

Get Started in Only a Year

Starting your career in medicine can happen in less time than you think. Many career training programs for LPNs can be completed in months. Smith Chason School of Nursing, offers a 12-month, 3-day-a-week Practical Nursing diploma program designed to maximize your time  and help you maintain  a work-life balance. Within a year at Smith Chason, students are educated about theory, technical skill, biology, pharmacology, simulation labs, NCLEX preparation, and off-site clinical experiences.

Positive Impact and Growth

Choosing to be a nurse is often about more than just the numbers. It’s about wanting a way to support your family that also makes a difference in people’s lives. It’s about following your passion. With career training in Practical Nursing, you can have exactly that, while also  opening doors for future advancement. LPNs are well-positioned to build on their education and experience by pursuing an Associate Degree in Nursing and becoming a registered nurse.

Discover More at Smith Chason

If you’re ready to jump-start your education in the healthcare field by becoming a Licensed Practical Nurse, now is the perfect time to contact Smith Chason. Our Practical Nursing program is approved by the Arizona Board of Nursing and taught by nursing professionals with real-world experience in the field.

You can find out more by contacting Smith Chason today to speak with a member of our admissions team.