Results Are In, 2019 NCLEX Pass Rates

A big congratulations are in order for our California campus nursing students! The current California NCLEX Pass Rates at our Ontario campus is 89.47% and 86.67% at our Los Angeles campus! We are so proud of our nursing students and all the hard work they put into their education to be the best nurses they can be.


In order to become a nurse in the U.S you must pass the NCLEX-PN examination after successfully completing and obtaining a diploma from a licensed practical nursing or licensed vocational nursing program. The NCLEX exam is designed to cover four major areas of practice:

  • Effective, safe care environment: This covers coordinated care, infection control, and safety
  • Health promotion and maintenance: This includes preventative healthcare, data collection, and self-care
  • Psychosocial Integrity: This looks at your ability to cope with the stresses of being a nurse and also focuses on being able to deliver mental health care.
  • Physiological Integrity: This is the largest element of the NCLEX examination which accounts for 43% to 67% of all questions. This is about your ability to deliver proper nursing care, such as, basic care and comfort, pharmacological therapies, risk potential reduction, and physiological adaption.


Our Vocational Nursing and Practical Nursing program not only builds our student’s foundation of knowledge and skills in nursing, NCLEX-PN reviews are integrated during classes at each level of the program*. Through the use of ATI review material, students are able to test their understanding of the questions that could appear on the NCLEX-PN exam. This provides them the opportunity to become familiar with the material and testing format of the NCLEX exam and see where their strengths and weaknesses lie. Our nursing faculty are on hand to provide further NCLEX reviews and study assistance throughout the VN and PN program to help our nursing students succeed.

For more information on prepping for the NCLEX exam visit:

For more information on the licensure requirements in California:


With the upcoming nursing shortage and the sudden pandemic our world is battling, nurses are as critical as ever to healthcare. The care and resilience nurses at all levels provide our friends and family inspires us daily. Nurses are standing alongside doctors, technologists, and other medical professionals taking care of our communities. We want to thank all of our nurses out there for keeping us safe while risking their own health. We stay home for you!


* Current NCLEX Quarter Rates up through Qtr4 2019. Please see for per campus rates.
* Vocational Nursing program only leads to licensure in the State of California.